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Privacy is a choice.
Data is a currency.
Everyone should benefit.

Vault: the UK's most ethical data brand for everyone.

Be a part of the data revolution.

Protect your data, identify privacy risks and even get rewarded for sharing your insights with brands – all at the touch of a button.

Tired of brands exploiting your data?

From identity theft to targeted ads from brands, you could have less control over your personal information than you think,
while others make a profit from it.

54% of businesses have experienced a data security breach in the last year.

Shield your privacy, reduce online risk and safeguard data with the Vault app.

Our app empowers you with data control, while always safeguarding your privacy from exploitation.

You’ll have the choice to share your data,
which we securely transform into anonymised insights to share with your favourite brands.

Download the Vault app now - and start benefiting from the power of your data!
Privacy score
Out of 999

Unique privacy score

We safely and securely assess your online activity, giving you a personalised privacy score that rates your risk and protection practices on a scale of 0-999.

Personalised recommendations

Based on your privacy score, you’ll receive personalised tips and learn crucial best practices to safeguard your personal data (and improve or maintain your score).

Detect data breaches

Our advanced algorithms can uncover potential vulnerabilities in your digital footprint, scanning for any signs of data breaches or unauthorised access to your personal information.

Get paid for your insights (coming soon!)

The power of data is in your hands! If you choose to, Vault can transform your data into valuable insights for the brands you interact with and want to share them with – creating an ethical world of data for all.

Trusted brands

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